Near Mirwah Abid colony, Khairpur Mir's, Pakistan
(+92)(0243) 714-289, (+92)(0243) 650391

Values & Objective


  1. To improve economic condition of marginalized community and under developed community within the country of Pakistan
  2. To streamline the quality education, health, helping to alleviate poverty and social living standard.
  3. Easy access of information, equitable access of rights, justice, peace, harmony, and apply advocacy approaches for desirable/needful community.
  4. Provide solutions for economic and environment development.
  5. To apply new research, new technology, for environment development.
  6. Continues improvement



  1. Economic development of community
  2. To improve quality Education, Health, and Socially living standard
  3. Helping to community for alleviating the poverty
  4. Advocacy for the community for equitable access of information, rights, justice, peace, and harmony
  5. Explore new research, apply new technology for continuous improvement of the community
  6. Agriculture development